We were pleased to be gifted this amazing cake by Bouqcake which is a new small business opening in West Perth.  The idea behind this whimsical business idea is that why just give someone a bouquet of flowers, when you can give someone what they secretly really want - cake. So the business owner decided why not combine the two and Bouqcake was created.

This beta naked cake we tried was so exquisite - a scrumptious three tiered, matcha and white chocolate cake, with buttercream icing, crystallised sugar and cachous. The cake is light, not too sweet and the matcha flavouring is just right and perfectly complemented by the white chocolate and buttercream layers. It is in the naked cake style - where the cake is iced lightly so that the underlying cake is the star, extremely popular at weddings and parties this year. On top of the cake sits a bouquet composed of bright yellow pom pom flowers with greenery to complete the bouquet. Also adorning the cake is a cute sign, stating in this instance - Be-you <3 -tiful, with handlettering done by The Maker Jess.

Stay tuned for this fresh and innovative business opening this February 2017. All cakes are perfectly sized for gift giving at 4'' with three tiers. Various assorted floral arrangements and flavours such as peanut butter and chocolate, will be available. If you would like to place an order for an upcoming special occasion or just have a query, you can contact them at-




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Ph: 0426 870 186