Raisin' Bakery

Japanese and French inspired the aptly named Raisin’ Bakery has thrown open its doors on Onslow Road, in Shenton Park.  Raisin’ Bakery raises the bar for bakeries with fermented raisins used to produce the yeast, needed to make the bountiful bread on offer. Crisscrossed and tiger striped loaves adorn the shelves in individual serves, all reasonably priced with cute calico bags filled with samples. 

Biting into the flaky pastry of the pistachio covered Salted Caramel Croissants ($4.50), the salted caramel comes flowing out, covering you in its goodness. This is a must try, freshly baked, hot from the oven and definitely worth the journey.

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Next on the menu we tried the Seasonal Fruit Brioche ($4.50). The buttery, round brioche that surrounded the homemade custard was light and fluffy. The custard was delicate and the sugar crystals added that beautiful hint of sweetness. The strawberries, pears and mint on top offered the perfect fruity accompaniment. If you like something savoury, you can get a hearty Bacon and Potato Roll with crispy bacon and potato salad ($4.50). For those who love their matcha, you can pick up one of their green tea flavoured tea buns with a buttercream filling for just $1.50 or 6 for $6.

You can grab a beautiful black, squid ink baguette made with sesame seeds; it has a salty, sea flavour. Or an Edamame and Miso loaf with red miso paste. If you’re up for something more rich and buttery, you can’t go past the Danish bread that you can use to make the most decadent, slightly sweet toasties of your life. Pick up a flavoursome tub or jam or infused butters to go with your crunchy, crusty bread. On offer is tobiko butter (flying fish roe with Japanese mayo and wasabi butter, $2) raisin jam ($3) or sesame butter ($1.50). All the pastries and bread items are self serve so you can fill up your tray and then pay, which is efficient. The takeaway boxes with their origami style and charming design were tasteful and inventive housing for our baked goods.

On the breakfast menu, you can dine in with a Danish toast filled with bacon and eggs ($8.50) or Squid Ink Baguette with smashed avocado, the new dish of millennials ($7.50). For lunch you can choose edamame and miso bread with roast beef ($9), quinoa bread with roasted vegetables and haloumi ($8.50), a squid ink baguette with smoked salmon, avocado, pickled ginger and tobiko butter ($8.50) and many other choices.


For those frosty mornings you can get a rich, creamy, Mörk Hot Chocolate – in 50% junior dark ($4.50) or dark milk and river salt ($5). You can watch the pastry chefs and bakers through the glass window, twisting and crafting the bread and pastry dough into perfection at the back of the store. Coffee is by Humblee in black and white varieties. Wildflower tea can also be purchased with honey, fruity and floral tones.


Raisin' Bakery

Address: 4a/155 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, Perth, Western Australia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raisinbakery/

Phone: (08) 9380 4530

Website: http://raisinbakery.com.au

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raisinbakery/